Pentecost +4, Year A

Musical Reflection
Darker by Shamir


Welcoming God,
giving space for creation
to return your love:
make us apostles
of the open table,
a place of hospitality
to challenge the world
with the gift of love;
through Jesus Christ,
who offered himself for us.
First Reading

by Francisco X. Alarćon
translated by 
Francisco Aragón

I want a god
as my accomplice
who spends nights
in houses
of ill repute
and gets up late
on Saturdays

a god
who whistles
through the streets
and trembles
before the lips
of his lover

a god
who waits in line
at the entrance
of movie houses
and likes to drink
café au lait

a god
who spits
blood from
tuberculosis and
doesn’t even have
enough for bus fare

a god
by the billy club
of a policeman
at a demonstration

a god
who pisses
out of fear
before the flaring
of torture

a god
who hurts
to the last
bone and
bites the air
in pain

a jobless god
a striking god
a hungry god
a fugitive god
an exiled god
an enraged god

a god
who longs
from jail
for a change
in the order
of things

I want a
more godlike

Second Reading
White Spine

by Henri Cole

Liar, I thought, kneeling with the others,
how can He love me and hate what I am?
The dome of St. Peter’s shone yellowish
gold, like butter and eggs. My God, I prayed
anyhow, as if made in the image
and likeness of Him. Nearby, a handsome
priest looked at me like a stone; I looked back,
not desiring to go it alone.
The college of cardinals wore punitive red.
The white spine waved to me from his white throne.
Being in a place not my own, much less
myself, I climbed out, a beast in a crib.
Somewhere a terrorist rolled a cigarette.
Reason, not faith, would change him.


Gospel Reading
Matthew 10:40-42

“Those who receive you are also receiving me, and those who receive me are receiving the one who sent me. Those who receive a prophet as a prophet will receive a prophet’s reward. Those who receive a righteous person as a righteous person will receive a righteous person’s reward. I assure you that everybody who gives even a cup of cold water to these little ones because they are my disciples will certainly be rewarded.”


Musical Reflection
Who Do You Love by Kindness feat. Robyn

Ma’ariv Aravim Prayer
by Rabbi Lisa Edwards

Blessed are You, Eternal One our God, Spirit of the world,
by whose word time passes.
In wisdom You open heaven’s gates.
With divine discernment You make seasons change,
causing the times to come and go,
and ordering the stars on their appointed paths
through heaven’s dome, all according to Your will.

Creator of the day and night, of wind and rain,
it was You who spread a rainbow across the sky as an ot habrit,
a sign of the covenant between You and all living things,
telling us then and forever that all of us are Your creation,
blessed and approved of by You.

Living and enduring God, remember Your rainbow,
and remind us, now and always, that it is a symbol of Your covenant,
of Your love, of Your brilliant creativity, and the endless variety of Your creations. Blessed are you, Almighty One,
who makes the colours of light shine forth, a vision of Your glory.

The Lord’s Prayer

Our mother,
which art the earth,
Nurturing are thy ways.
Thy web of life be woven
Thy way be found within,
As it is all around.
Thank you this day for our daily bread and sweat
And forgive us our misuse of you,
As we forgive others their misuse of us.
And lead us not into exploitation,
But deliver us
From lording it over you,
And over each other,
And over all our other fellow creatures.
For thine are the waters of life,
The hills, valleys and plains of home,
The breeding, seeding, feeding ground,
For now, and for as close to forever
As we will ever come. Ah, woman!


Musical Reflection
Shine by Years & Years



The compassing of God be upon us,
the compassing of the God of life.

The compassing of Christ be upon us,
the compassing of the Christ of love.

The compassing of the Spirit be upon us,
the compassing of the Spirit of grace.

The compassing of the Sacred be upon us,
the compassing of the Sacred protect us,
the compassing of the Sacred preserve us.

And may the blessing of God – the Grace, the Love, and the Life,
be with us and remain with us always. Amen.



Artwork by Gwen John

Invocation from Prayers for an Inclusive Church by Steven Shakespeare

Musical Reflection Darker by Shamir

Poem Prayer by Francisco X. Alarćon

Poem White Spine by Henri Cole

Musical Reflection Who Do You Love by Kindness

Prayer by Rabbi Lisa Edwards

Lord’s Prayer from Karen Loveland and Minnesota Women’s Press

Musical Reflection Shine by Years & Years

Blessing from Celtic Daily Prayer

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