What is gospelfeelings?

Christian reflections – with poetry, prayers, music and art, all centred around the gospel reading of the week.

Gospel reading of what week?

The reading is decided by the revised common lectionary. If you’re wondering which week we’re in now, click here or here. Feel free to peruse reflections in any order you’d like though. There’s a random post option in the menu up top if that’s how you roll.

What denomination is this from?

None, really. Yours/Mine. It’s an ethereal and poetic exploration of the stories of Christ. I use inclusive and expansive language for describing god and humans. The bible translation I usually use is the common english bible, interspersed with the inclusive bible. My mission statement aligns with this one from Brian at bottleofink: “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord, and systematically decimate capitalism, racism and the cisheteropatriarchy. Amen.”

How does it work?

You find the reflection you want and scroll down, reading, looking, listening and praying along as you so desire. You could do this sitting by yourself in front of a computer. You and a companion could read all the prayers and poems out loud. You could use the content in a church service. You could put in some earphones and go for a walk, stopping for each reading and listening to the music as you go. Do whatever you want. Be free.

How long does it take?

If you stop to listen to all the music and read everything aloud, it probably takes between 15-20 minutes. You are free to skip or dwell as you please. Close your eyes and take a breath, if you have the time.

Where does the content come from?

All over the place. You’ll find sources listed at the bottom of each reflection. If you like it, buy it, if you can. Minority voices are important here; representation matters. Using someone’s content doesn’t necessarily mean I support their worldview, just that I think this particular prayer/poem/song/artwork is beautiful.

What does this content have to do with the stories of Christ?

The planet is filled with transformational, phenomenal creative work, but most churches only utilize a small portion of it. Learning to find God outside of “christian” material has been deeply rejuvenating for me. It has helped me to find God at work in this world in new ways. If some of the material doesn’t mesh with you, that’s okay. I’m just one person sharing work that I spiritually connect with.

Can I contact you?

Sure. Leave a comment or email me at
You can also find me on twitter.